Duterte to Trump: Throw drug dealers into Atlantic Ocean

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday night, urged US President Donald Trump to go ahead and execute drug dealers and even proposed to throw the cadavers at the Atlantic Ocean.
This bold implication towards America’s already extensive crisis was delivered by none other than our own President Duterte in his speech at a special gathering with friends, and political allies including Pampanga 2nd District Representative Gloria Macapagal – Arroyo in Pasay City.
The President reiterated the programs, achievements on gaining peace with communist rebels insofar under his term and its mandate on the notorious War on Drugs which he believes that even the world superpowers are having a hard time dealing with – including America.

“Pasok kaagad si Trump (Trump immediately said), ‘I will follow Duterte if I can only kill.’ Do not, do not. You just kill. Presidente ka (You are the President),” President Duterte said.

He emphasized his point by saying: “Bahala ka na diyan kung anong gawain mo. Kalaki ‘yang Atlantic Ocean na ‘yan, eh ‘di doon mo itapon ‘yan”.

President Duterte also added that the problem with America is they continue belittling the drug problems in the Philippines and criticizes the means of dealing without having to realize that they have BIGGER problems on their own that they cannot even find a way to eliminate.

“You, Americans, you are really putting us down and you know what the problem is. I am sure you have your CIA. You have your own international intelligence,” he said.

He also encouraged President Trump “to do what he thinks is better for his country” upon realizing that America will emulate “Operation Tokhang” to their citizens.

“You know deep inside how grave the problem is. But you do not want to recognize it just because you want to be the good boy. Maybe it’s the atonement for their sins for colonizing the world,” he added. “To your horror, one day, you will realize that you have the problem 10 times over sa amin. Ngayon, sila na ang may problema ngayon,” President Duterte said.

Grateful of the country’s strong ties with China and Russia, the President also recognized their sincerity in extending assistance during the Marawi crisis and ongoing rehabilitation.


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