We didn't force the NPAs to tell the truth, you forgot to instruct them to lie - Army Commander

The recent exchange of gunfight between NPA and the 62nd Infantry (Unifier) Battalion 3rd Infantry (Spearhead) Division Philippine Army that led to the arrest of 6 rebels, including 1 female, later identified as Myles Albasin, sparkled speculations from among the Rebels that they were forced to tell a lie and planted evidences to justify the military’s actions.
This allegation is immediately defended by Brigadier General Dinoh A. Dolina, Commander of the 3rd Infantry, saying that bending the truth is not one of their objectives as opposed to the accusations of former priest and now NDF-Negros Spokesman Frank Fernandez.
It can be recalled that the arrested rebels themselves admitted having to possess the firearms and explosives seized by the military after the assault in an inquest proceeding with the media’s presence.

In a strong statement, Dolina said: “The Army did not force the six arrested terrorists to confess being part of the terrorist organization, maybe you forgot to instruct them to jeopardize the truth and tell the series of lies you have injected into their innocent minds in case of situations just like what happened in Mabinay, Negros Oriental,” Your organization is known for fabricating information and telling lies in order to deceive people. I challenge you to prove your allegations in court,”

Dolina also criticized the NPA for urging the younger generation to join them in hopes of homogenous political ideologies and introduce the culture of violence and terrorism.

He, otherwise encouraged the youth to “stay in school” instead to develop their capabilities for the common good.

"This terrorist organization is the true child abuse perpetrator who even forced the children to carry firearms and take part on the bloody armed struggle which is a clear violation of the Republic Act 7610 or the Special Protection of Children against Abuse, Exploitation, and Discrimination Act," Dolina said.

Arrested Myles Albasin and her companions were currently charged with Illegal Possession of Firearms.


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