Watch: Lady Driver in QC ran away from MMDA amidst apprehension

A video surfaced online where a woman is shown to have ran away from MMDA Officers to evade apprehension on broad daylight.
The chase began outside Ever Gotesco Commonwealth down to Commission on Audit (COA) Compound with the woman, already irritated and conceited, drove a white Toyota Altis as she fled from where she was initially apprehended for “Illegal Parking” outside a convenience store not far away from the scene with moderate to heavy traffic along the way.

At least 6-8 MMDA Officers tried to stop her from the supposed getaway including MMDA Supervising Officer Bong Nebrija until they finally got a chance to confront her of yet another violation – Reckless Driving.

As soon as the lady driver got out of the vehicle, her mood shifted from being obnoxious to submissive all of a sudden, as she handed over her ID to the Officers who were able to finally Identify her as an Attorney, allegedly a Government Employee (COA).

It was seen that the woman was accompanied by 1 child and a baby, whose genders and identities were unknown.

A heated verbal argument between Nebrija and the lady driver re-ignited confronting the latter of having to put her children at ‘risk’ by driving away. In defense, the woman shouted at Nebrija by saying “SHUT UP!” because if having to involve her children into the situation.

Thousands of Netizens have already seen the video and strongly reacted against the lady driver’s misconduct towards the Officers and the manner she handled the situation with her “defense mechanism”. Many wondered as to why did she even bothered to show her ‘Employment ID’ to the Officers instead of just her Driver’s License.

Watch the video below:


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