Sen. Trillanes spotted at Vienna as ‘Fil-American’ NGO

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV have been missing in action for quite a while. Many have wondered as to the whereabouts of this hardworking citizen. Whether he’s just out there to promote the GOOD or hiding in the shadows to do some menacing – WE DON’T KNOW. Who are we to judge, anyway? Point is, he may be off to something only a mutineer can gesture.
However, it may seem that Trillanes may not intentionally be hiding under the radar at all.

A recent post by Sass Rogando Sasot on Facebook (For the Motherland) briefly narrates about Trillanes’ attendance at a UN Drugs and Crime Conference in Vienna, Austria, as seen by one of her alleged followers.

Pictures shown are taken from an angle within the event itself, even showing Trillanes queuing on a line in time for lunch.

What’s puzzling about his involvement is that why is Trillanes not recognized as Senator or a representative from the Philippines but as a ‘Fil-American NGO’ from the US as shown in his ID.

By the end of the post, Sassot called out Senator Pimentel to investigate on this matter. The post quickly gained a lot of attention with more than 6,000 reactions as of writing.

Here’s an excerpt of Sassot’s follower’s message.

"Hi Sass!

"I’m working in UN Vienna__________ and I saw Trillanes queuing in cashier during lunch today. I was sitting in another__________. I’m wondering what his agenda here. There’s UN drigs and crime conference but before and as always, PDEA officials are always attending it. I found out that his ID was Fil-American NGO and not Philippines. Tomorrow at 13:30 he will deliver his speech. Ano kayang kabulastugan ang sasabihin nya? For sure ejk na nman.

"Your follower,



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Source:  Facebook

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