Rado Gatchalian Interviews Adam Garrie about President Duterte and The Philippines

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Its recent post about the Philippines and President Duterte featured Rado Gatchalian’s one on one interview with Eurasia Future’s Director himself, Adam Garrie.

Rado Gatchalian is an active DDS Supporter and one of the lead initiators of DDS global events. He is also a DU30 Correspondent affiliated with Australia Blogger and an organizer of RaDU30 Advocacy and The FILOsopher. 

Meanwhile, Adam Garrie is a geopolitical expert focusing on Eurasia continents.

In the interview, Garrie have openly expressed his mostly positive opinions as to why he supports President Duterte based on his political agenda and economic reform.

Gatchalian began by asking Garrie how he started to know the President and why is he a supporter. Garrie explained that by only being one of the presidential candidates, Duterte was already making headlines which made him decide to keep track of Duterte’s electoral campaign as he believes that the Philippines is about to be taken to new heights in a ‘very significant way’.

Garrie believes that President Duterte is a 21st Century Revolutionary, whose vision is simply able to ‘change things for the better’ instead of introducing fear and violence among the people to bring about the needed CHANGE.

He also made mention that the ambitious infrastructure project is one of the most important legacy for the country because of the number of jobs it shall create and the foreign investment opportunities along with its Tax Reform and influential foreign policy by simply ‘opening new doors without closing old doors’.

Garrie also stressed that President Duterte’s ‘odd personality’ as compared from his predecessors is an asset that keeps him popular among Filipinos resembling his campaign slogan that shows an iron fist attributed to his style of leadership with a no-nonsense approach to Terrorism and Illegal Drugs. 

He also described President Duterte as a ‘deeply sincere man’ who’s emphatic to those who are already sick of corruption.

Perhaps the most deliberate description Garrie said about the President in the interview is by saying: “I believe though, that if he is able to push forward with his reforms as President and possibly even continue on as Prime Minister in a new political system, that his legacy to his country could be similar to that of Lee’s in Singapore – that of a man who transformed a nation that seemed to have no destiny into a place for purpose whose people prosper and whose economy finds both regional and global success.”

By the end of the interview, Rado Gatchalian asked Adam Garrie if he’s got any message to say dedicated to the Filipino people. Garrie said: “Never listen to critics who want you to be like someone else. Be the best for yourselves. Learn from positive examples, but use this to develop a better society that reflects your own characteristics. Remember that in the future, the countries that thought less of you, are now diminishing themselves while you are rising. Never be afraid and always be proud”.


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Source:  eurasiafuture.com

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