Pera, Pera lang: ICC earned P25M from Philippines’ contribution

After finally submitting an official letter of withdrawal from the international treaty established by the ICC, Senate Majority Floor Leader Tito Sotto revealed on his Twitter account that the Philippines’s financial contribution to the tribunal has reached more than Php 25 Million Pesos.
On Twitter, Sotto posted by saying: “Our last payment to ICC was € 397,896 (euros) or Php 25,404,938. Kaya pala ayaw tayo paalisin!”
Out of the many advantages that the Philippines can benefit from being a ratified member of the ICC, none of which ever became constantly heard as ‘responding to the calls of victims’ of grave crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity, and among other universally abhorred offenses.

It is why President Duterte has hastily pulled out the country’s long cooperation and membership not only because amid complaints of violation of due process on his alleged extra-judicial killings, but also because of its near uselessness based on jurisdiction with the kind of crimes we have in the country.

The President’s decision, however, will not hamper ICC’s initial decision to a preliminary investigation to the alleged human rights violation happening in the country.

In a statement, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said: "If they want to continue, I think it would be foolhardy for the court to expect cooperation from us and, of course, even the matter of acquiring jurisdiction over the person will depend on cooperation".

Only 2 Southeast Asian Countries are left as members of ICC which includes Cambodia and Timor Leste. President Duterte announced on Sunday that he will be urging other country member-states to also abandon the treaty membership.

The withdrawal takes effect 1 year after the withdrawal notice is received. With Philippines having no more official cooperation from ICC next year, ICC will never acquire jurisdiction over Duterte’s continued war on drugs.

Following the withdrawal letter that was sent last Friday, March 16, 2018, ICC reportedly plead for a reconsideration by saying: "The court encourages the Philippines to not follow through with the reported intention to withdraw, as it is an important State Party to the Rome Statute, and as such an integral part of the international criminal justice system aimed at ending impunity for and helping prevent the gravest crimes under international law," in an email sent to


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