Gigil na gigil sa pagsampal! School girls caught on cam bullying and hurting a schoolmate

No SORRY will be enough to compensate a mother’s pain upon seeing her own daughter being bullied and dodging physical harm from fellow schoolmates.
A recent raw video is making rounds online showing a girl surrounded by a group of fellow schoolmates, allegedly of the same Catholic school, getting slapped on and being cursed at the same time. No details known to have transpired after the video, but it can be seen that the poor girl was also being threatened.

Following the video, A Facebook post of a woman surfaced fuming with anger from allegedly the girl’s mother, asking the school officials to take necessary actions as to who is reliable for putting her daughter in harm’s way.

In her post, she was quoted as saying: “Hinding hindi aqpapayag na SORRY lng matatanggap ng anak q na kpalit ng ginawa nila kahit saan tau mgdating ilalaban q angbginawa jio sa anak q!!!! KAYA NANANAWAGAN AQ SA PAMUNUAN NG SACRED HEART COLLEGE LUCENA PAKI AKSYUNAN NIO ANG PAMBUBULLY SA ANAK KO PARA HINDI NA MAULIT PA SA IBA.”

The girl’s mother is working abroad in hope to find a better future for her. But with thoughts of having her daughter study in a Catholic School would ensure proper discipline surrounded by good people, the unwarranted acts of the girls shown in the video have proven otherwise.

In another Facebook post, the mother ranted: “Excuse me lang sa mga taong gusting ipatigil ang pagpapakalat q ng pambubully sa anak q!!! Kaunting hiya nma  sa mga muka nio!!!! Baket napigilan nio din bang huwang saktan ang anak kp????!!!! TANG INA LANG!!!!!! WALANG PWEDENG MAGUTOS SAKEN NA TIGILAN NA ANG PAGPAPAKALAT!!!! ANAK KO YANG NAARGABYADO TAPOS UUTUSAN NIO AQ??!!!! MASAYA KAYO!!!!!!

The online community now condemns the group of girls who inflicted harm and threat to the girl who appears to be defenseless.

Watch to video below:


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