Neri Naig fumes at doctor for charging them 10k: "Hindi sa pera yun, kaya kong bayaran o ipabayad sa asawa ko"

Most mothers would be on constant vigilance especially when it comes to their child’s health condition.
There is this ‘maternal bond’ that even during the child’s time in the womb, the ‘baby’ inside can already sense, feel, and at some point, recognize the smell of their mother’s scent days after birth.
Even research suggests that infants can identify the taste of their own mother’s milk from someone else’s.

Imagine if you had the child already in your arms. Even a little ‘prick’ could mean a great deal of pain on a mother’s part. Instinctively, mothers want the best for their child. It may not be the best hospital for treatment, but a good doctor is what it all that matters.

In the case of Neri Naig, a certain doctor whose identity is yet to be identified, has allegedly overcharged her of ‘professional fees’ without even having to attend to his son, Miggy when he got sick.

Neri Naig took her tirades against this doctor on social media for demanding Php 10,000 from her and husband Chito Miranda when their son, Miggy was confined in an undisclosed Hospital.

On Neri’s post, this ‘non-existent’ doctor never even took time to check on their son’s condition, not once, and what’s worse – never even have spoken to. She clarified that it’s not just about the money but the integrity of the doctor they are more concerned of.

Humbled - Neri could not help but compare the other doctors who almost only charged them with gas money during his son’s entire confinement.  

Her post read as: "Bakit ako sinisingil ng P9,783 ng isang doctor na never nagpakita sa amin o never kong nakausap sa phone. Never chineck ang anak ko. At bakit ko naman siya babayaran? Unfair naman yun di ba?

"Hindi sa pera yun, kaya kong bayaran o ipabayad sa asawa ko.

"Yung ibang mga doctors ni Miggy na galing pa sa malalayo, halos gas na lang ang siningil sa akin. Kase sobrang love nila si Miggy at di nagtetake advantage sa amin. Mababait talaga sila.

"Sa lahat ng mga nakakita sa akin na medyo nagtataray na sa billing kase di makatarungan ang sinisingil sa akin ng isang doktor. Sabi ko di ako magbabayad ng ganung kalaking professional fee ng isang doctor ng di man lang binisita ang anak ko o nakausap ko man lang sa telepono o text man lang o paramdam man lang sa amin.”

The post gained the attention of many Netizens which reminded her that ‘karma’ shall definitely stike back, with others also shared their experiences through the comments:

"Marami talagang mukang pera! Hayaan mo lang dahil nakakarma yang mga ganyang klase ng tao."

Another one that reads: "Daming ganyang doktor. Kalimitan naniningil pero di mo man lang naaninag ang itsura o kaya kahit nag aparisyon man tapos sa bayaran biglang sumusulpot ang pf nila sa bill."

Alfonso ‘Miggy’ is Neri’s first-born child after losing pregnancy from a miscarriage on August 2015. 


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