Malaysia: Lessons from Marawi Siege should enlighten Rohingya crisis

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak warned its neighboring Southeast Asian Countries on Saturday that its relentless refugee crisis in Rohingya, Myanmar can pose a huge security risk for the region.
This, after Myanmar government initiated an assault against Rohingya separatist insurgents on what UN dubbed as ‘ethnic cleansing’ which forced Muslim minorities, accounted to hundreds of thousands, abandon Rakhine state.
There is an eminent threat that many displaced refugees may succumb to nearby extremist groups such as ISIS for survival, according to Prime Minister Razak, who also confirmed that this crisis is no longer a ‘domestic issue’.

“In addition, the problem should not be looked at through the humanitarian prism only because it has the potential of developing into a serious security threat to the region,” Kyi said.

“Rakhine with thousands of despairing … people who see no hope in the future will be a fertile ground for radicalisation and recruitment by Daesh and affiliated groups,” he added.

Daesh is the given alternative name of ISIS present in the region.

The United Nations (UN) is currently working out an action plan to generate US$1 Billion allotted for majority of Rohingya refugees already in Bangladesh.

In a statement at a special Australia – ASEAN summit, Prime Minister Razak emphasized his speech by implying the Marawi Siege as an example and a ‘warning sign’ of what could possibly happen if the crisis is taken for granted.

“We must draw lessons from Marawi and be extremely concerned that at least 10 militant groups in the Mindanao region (of the Philippines) have declared their affiliation to Daesh,” Razak said.

All ASEAN Group Leaders from Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Singapore, Thailand are present in the ASEAN-Australia Summit with the exception of President Duterte, who’s decision was earlier announced by Presidential Spokesman Harry L. Roque amidst recent tirades from the UN with President Duterte’s involvement with alleged extra judicial killings and that relevant “developments at home may require the president’s presence in the Philippines,” Roque said in a press briefing.


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