Isang dayuhan pinagmumura, dinuraan at muntik sapakin ang isang tricycle driver

A recent Facebook post by a young lady with a name Maria Larawan quickly gained the attention of many Netizens as it depicts a video involving an old foreigner, whose identity and citizenship is yet to confirm, along with his Filipina companion and a Tricycle driver on what it appears to be a traffic incident.
The video was taken by an anonymous passenger from an angle on-board the Tricycle in the middle of an altercation between the Tricycle driver and the lady companion. The Old Foreigner was also seen mocking at the driver.
It can be seen that the Tricycle may have unintentionally rear-ended the old foreigner’s vehicle, a Ford Everest, in the middle of the traffic, in a location yet to be verified, which have prompted the old foreigner to come out of the vehicle along with his companion until a commotion broke out.

The ‘old guy’ was seen mocking and cussing at the Tricycle driver repeatedly saying “a**hole” and “f***ing idiot” while having to verbally defend himself from the lady companion. Even the Traffic Enforcer who happen to arrive at the scene was not able to calm the old guy.

Moments later, the old guy threatened to ‘almost’ hit the guy by his arms and suddenly spit on the Tricycle driver before leaving.

Many have described the foreigner’s action as ‘unacceptable’ which have led from having to over-react with the situation.

With over 6,000 reactions on Facebook alone, majority of the comments say that the ‘spitting’ is a sign of disrespect to a higher level to our fellow Filipino.

In the post, Maria Larawan says she hopes “Action Man” Raffy Tulfo, a famous broadcast journalist can do something to counteract this abuse from among our own.

Watch the video below:


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