Int'l Political Scientist believe that VP Leni lacks of project management skills, teamwork ability and integrity

She is holding a title of VP (Vice President), and her being active participant in government vision and missions is not an issue, but her using the tittle of her position and not wanting someone else who is worthy to take that position creates a mix message.
Either she steps down and acts as the opposition party leader in the upcoming new Federal parliament or she should put her acts together and really be the right hand of the President.
Taking vacation while she knew the country will be hit by another disaster is a clear sign of selfish character that a commander and chief should not have - we as netizens who are keen in following global politics, and myself who have invested a good portion of my life in study of politics and economy of the Philippines and have vested interest in the future of the Philippines and its important role it has in peace building and regional development, find VP Leni Robredo's lack of enthusiasm toward the future of the Philippines and her lack of care toward her own countryman and women alarmingly disturbing and find that the opposition groups to President Duterte's reforms in government such as those of corrupt political and economic oligarchs who use their ownership of the wealth of the nation and influence in corporate media and abroad to push VP Leni Robredo as an alternative to the President Duterte as a destabilizing force in the government. Either she is with the government or she is out, she needs to make up her mind.

In a Liberal Democracy, you cannot both say you are member of the administrative government and yet run away at any chance you get to either scape the hard task ahead or stab the government from within.

VP Leni Robredo's lack of interest in partaking in government's vision and its missions left all of us believe that she is not suited to have a position as a leader in government, and that her tittle is as worthless as the half heartedly finished failed projects she took upon herself.

She lacks project management skills, teamwork ability and lacks the integrity that a VP needs to have.

I can tell my clients to trust the President and his government, but I cannot tell them to have the trust in the VP or the some of the Senators in the Philippines. 

Those of my clients with less knowledge about the Philippines when hear my advice to them to invest in the Philippines, tell me that they worry that the lack of stability in the Philippines caused by the strange opposition to the government reforms by the VP, corporate media and some of the senators holds them back to take actions, and though I have many clients who already have invested in the Philippines, majority of the public do not fully understand the lack of cooperation within the government of Philippines.

So, if those Senators, the VP, some of the members and leaders of the Catholic Church and schools, the corporate media and those government official who are corrupt to the bones with drug money and other sources of black money can't see that cooperation for the reform policies and active and voluntary participation in government's vision and mission would be in their own best interest and in best interest of the Philippines and the region, then they should pack their bags and leave their positions to more capable people who can do the job.

- Amir Assadollahi

A Canadian Political Scientist / Commentator


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