Int'l Political Commentator slams Poe for suggesting on Facebook to have main office in PH

Rising concerns over abusive content manipulation, particularly “fake news” prompted Senator Grace Poe to suggest social networking service company, Facebook to establish a Main Office in the country or at least have a point person to assign in addressing any issues that may arise.
Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Secretary Martin Andanar also raised the concern of a video that circulated online through Facebook at the climax of the Marawi siege allegedly uploaded by the terrorists ISIS or Maute group which was never acted upon by Facebook.
Given the large number of Filipino users, Poe said that Facebook should “give us a little more credit” by making Philippines a ‘hub’ since we are ranked at 6th globally with 60 million users.

This issue was posted online through Facebook by PTV News titled as: “Poe calls on Facebook to have ‘main’ office in PH” with over 2,000 reactions as of writing.

Many regarded Poe’s suggestion to be ‘demanding’ and ‘obsessed’ with Facebook including one lengthy comment from Amir Assadollahi, a self-proclaimed Canadian Political Scientist / Commentator. 

Assadollahi have been a keen observer of Philippine politics with ‘spot-on’ commentaries on various issues and candid posts through his own Facebook page.

He began the comment by quoting: “In all decency, fairness and justice” and went on to criticize Poe’s ‘preposterous’ idea with intentions of self-preservation and having to protect only the interests of those she is affiliated with.

Poe may have also underestimated the rules governing Cyber Crime Laws, according to Assadollahi as having to put up Facebook HQ in the Philippines for ‘monitoring’ purposes will mean additional cost to the government and may be prone to corruption citing the Office of Human Rights plagued with corruption when Senator De Lima was Secretary of Justice and how ABS-CBN,GMA, Rappler, among others, have been continually fabricating news and feeding lies to the public including the international community through social media exposure.

He also does not see any advantage of Poe’s suggestion as far as how Cyber Crime Division deals with the growing threat of cyber-crimes, terrorism and even online bullying.

Assadollahi considers the move to be ‘redundant’ and called the whole thing ‘fishy’ with the rotten stench is all over online which he can smell from wherever he is.

Read his full comment below:

“In all decency, fairness and justice”, Senator Grace Poe is not a very objective person to even suggest such a preposterous idea! She has proven over-and-over again-and-again that her intentions is not based on fairness, decency or justice - her intentions are about self-preservation and protecting the interests of those she is in bed with.

“From the looks of it, I guess the cyber laws are not enough for Senator Grace Poe, eh?! 

“You see, she is not talking about how costly such idea is and how problematic it can become when such position get corrupted. We have seen how the position of the Secretary of Justice was corrupted by De Lima and how she further corrupted the office of commission of Human Rights, and How that office was used to harm the country and manipulate the international politics by ignoring the crimes committed by the previous administration and how those offices manipulated elections and intentionally hindered the economic and social progress in the Philippines when DU30 took office. She even ignores the fact that people such as Maria Ressa from Rappler, the ABS-CBN, GMA and others like them have been feeding lies and fabricated news to public and to the international community and how the social media was able to expose all those misinformations and fake news by them!

“On top of all that, she is failing to mention who is going to pay for the suggestion (demand) she has on forcing Facebook to have a main office in the Philippines and who is going to select their permanent representatives and all the supporting staffs they need to have - most likely it is going to be the tax payers who will pay for all those expenses, isn’t it? 

“Let’s say that they created such office and such positions, is she suggesting to grill Facebook rep for anyone who writes against the corruptions, does the whistleblowing and exposing the lies of the corrupt corporate mainstream media, or is she suggesting to pay him/her off under table to do their bidding for them under the office of the “Permanent FaceBook Representative”? 

“Is she going to create a new government offices to deal with Facebook as well? Who is going to pay for that - the tax payers again?

“Does she think the FaceBook is the only Social Media medium that can act like FaceBook?! Is she going to put a gag on them too? 

“I don’t see any merit in her argument. The Philippines already has a cyber crime division or at least they will have stronger cyber crime division soon enough to deal with the growing threat of cyber terrorism and cyber bullying, and in addition the Philippines has some laws established regarding fabricated news and misinformation by news agencies and anyone else who intends to harm the Philippines. So, what she is asking is a redundancy, yet under the pretend of such proposition to implement such form of office for FaceBook she is aiming to put a gag on those who are whistleblowers and watchdogs at grassroots level and as a netizen aim to expose crimes, lies, and misinformation. 

“She assumes that the corporate mainstream media has been always truthful and their internal audit and ombudsman system of checks and balances work without any flaw. We all know how corrupt, unfair, bias, indecent, irresponsible, and unjust the mainstream corporate media has been in the Philippines. They are not only late in incoming public, but also they intentionally misinform and fabricate news that benefits them and their counterparts. I have seen how Senator Grace Poe ignores their misdeeds and justifies their misconducts. Why should she be turning a blind eye on them, but so keen in stopping social media such as FaceBook? 

“I call that whole thing fishy - I can smell the rotten smell of that all the way to here over the net.

“Amir Assadollahi
“A Canadian Political Scientist/Commentator


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Source:  PTV

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