Yaman ni Henry Sy, galing sa dugo at pawis ng mga manggagawang Filipino - Castro

Henry Sy, of Chinese-Filipino descent, is the Executive Chairman of SM Investments and founder of the SM Group, and currently sits as Chairman of SM Development and Highlands Premier, Inc. is still the richest among all Filipinos and one of the world’s richest with a real-time net worth of $ 19.6 Billion according to the recent survey conducted by Forbes Magazine.
This probe, however, does not inspire many politicians and lawmakers particularly from the MAKABAYAN coalition saying that Henry Sy’s wealth does not pay off the ‘blood and sweat’ of the average laborers working for him.
ACT Teachers Party-list France Castro even says that behind Henry Sy’s success stories and increasing wealth are the hardworking people’s efforts being scorned out from a well-deserved compensation by taking full advantage of Contractualization (Endo) among Filipino workers.

“Sobrang gahaman ni Henry Sy. Nagkakamal siya ng tubo mula sa dugo at pawis ng kanyang mga manggagawa sa hindi pagsunod sa mga batas ng paggawa,” he said.

Party-list Representative Ariel Castro also commented that while oligarchs like Henry Sy relentlessly gets richer, the longer the ordinary workers are being ‘abused’ without security to tenure and assurance to a better way of life.

In an earlier interview, Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III says that he had arranged a meeting with different Employer’s Management groups to discuss and educate further the effects of Contractualization and its limitation.

“I’ve already met with the management groups, like the Employers Confederation of the Philippines, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce, Filipino-Chinese Chamber. They were asking for time to understand what ‘endo’ and Contractualization means. I see no problem with that. We will conduct seminars for them,”


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Source:  abante.com.ph

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