Foreign political expert on Trillanes 63 consultants: Who do you think you are, the president of a country?

In an earlier interview with TheSource on CNN, Senator Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV admitted to having 63 paid consultants instead of President Duterte’s alleged accusations of 200 head counts.
The issue easily made rounds online as many Netizens reacted to what most find it ‘ridiculous’ with over 3,000 reactions on Facebook alone.
One guy, Canadian Political commentator with the name Amir Assadollahi, can’t help but ventilate his opinion through a lengthy Facebook post quoting what may be an excerpt from the Senator’s interview, saying, “For as long as you do not put the money in your pocket, you are okay”.

His reaction immediately began with disagreeing to Trillanes’ decision of having to appoint around 63 people to hire as consultants. The job must have a clear mandate and transparency but by being a Senator does not need to have that much consultants around.

Assadollahi also said there isn’t any qualified justification as to having these consultants for all ‘legal needs’ since being a government employee himself, can benefit him enough with just 1 or 2 only to help him assess or evaluate on things.

He also described Trillanes to having a “thick skull” because all these consultants are already paid enough on a fix salary to handle their own jobs and to employ them to run an opposition party in defense of his own self-serving opinion using taxpayer’s money is totally a fraudulent move.

Not even a huge business organization, he said, does not need to have external consultants that much not unless that each one of them aren’t capable enough to handle the job description and may have to escalate the same job to another person 63 different times.

The post ended with a rhetorical question to the Senator by saying: “Who do you think you are, the president of a country?! LOL”.

Read the full post below:

"For as long as you do not put the money in your pocket you are okay" said Mr. Trillanes! You need "63 consultants"? What? Are you joking?!

"Well, I tend to disagree. You also need to have a clear reason and effective hiring methodology. It needs to reflect the organizational mandates and needs to have transparency. You don't need "63 consultant" as a Senator, and definitely you don't need that many people to be consultant for "you" to be effective as a senator. You can have assistances and temporary part-time or full-time hires to aid you, but "you" don't need 63 of them!

"I call that fraud Mr. Trillanes. There is no justification for someone at your position to have "63 Consultants". A legal advisory firm can advise you for your legal needs, a government organization/institution can provide you the necessary documents you need or work on a policy you want to push forward, the nongovernmental institutions or organizations can advise you as a member of government with advice or documents you need, BUT YOU DON'T NEED 63 CONSULTANTS TO HELP YOU ASSESS OR EVALUATE THINGS. 

"You have enough people working in government to provide you with all the technical and legal advice you need as they already are getting paid a fix salary for that as a public servant and the citizen's taxes is paying for their salary. You don't need 63 assistances to run your opposition party - you are a Senator and nothing more. Put that into your thick skull mister! There is no justification for the fraud you are committing and have been committing. Did you think the people are that gullible or stupid to accept your need for having "63 consultants." 

"That is a lot of tax payers money to be used on consultants for a low-grade Senator such as yourself. As I said, the government already has departments that can offer you with all the needs you may have, and you do not need external consultants to help you with serving the nation and performing your duties as a senator. The different departments of government can hire consultants or advisory institutions to advise them on things, but a senator does not need "63 consultants." 

"Not even a big business organization needs "63 consultants". LOL .... Perhaps the "consultants" you have hired have no knowledge or skill set that you need "63" of them to do your job. You need one assistant and maybe one strategic campaign advisor, and the rest of the people are already government employees to help you with documents you need or advice you would need to help make policies. If you are paying all those "63 consultants" from your own pocket money (not the tax payer's money), then that is another story, but come on "63 consultants"?! LOL

"Who do you think you are, the president of a country?! LOL

"Amir Assadollahi

"A Canadian Political Scientist / Commentator (just in case the name clouded the judgment of some readers!)


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