Estudyante sa Cagayan, nagpakamatay matapos ipahiya ng teacher

The need to gain control of student’s behavior in class is reaching higher levels of desperation, nowadays.
Humiliating or belittling students in front of their classmates may restrict the ‘poor kid’ from further learning with psychological effects such as possessing low self-esteem, clinical depression, and in the worst-case scenario, may involve having to take own’s life.
At all times, Teachers should always be mindful of their actions towards the young and treat them with the right level of respect.

Humiliation, in any form, is NEVER OK. Undeniably, many of us can still recall a bitter memory caused by a teacher's humiliation in class.

Every time we close our eyes and it flashes back, it still has the power to makes us cringe or even shed a tear or two from our eyes. Majority of those cases end up being unresolved issues which we tend to keep in ourselves through childhood.

JUST LIKE THAT! - Not in the case of an 18-year old student in Cagayan who reportedly took his own life because of one’s realization that he will not be graduating due to non-payment of tuition fees.

The student was later identified by the name of Raymond, 18 years old, who have first-hand experience of humiliation in front of the entire class done by this poor boy’s teacher.

The alleged embarrassment done by the teacher resorted to Raymond’s suicide.

With varied emotions due to the loss of his son, Raymond’s mother, Mela Sergia, said that if it were not for the teacher’s ‘recklessness’, Raymond should still be around and have not thought of committing such act.

Before the incident, the boy’s mother made a partial payment but still need to compensate for the full tuition. Sadly, there are rumors suggesting that there is a certain Text Message from Raymond saying that he will be disappointed if he could not make it to graduation this year.

The teacher and the school management kept mum about the incident as of writing.


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