Duterte kay MVP: “Tutuliin ko siya uli, sauli nila yung frequency sa telco. Nabuang ka?”

In a statement with local officials in Clark, Pampanga, President Rodrigo Duterte did not hold back in expressing his sentiments towards Oligarchs hampering government’s efforts to the country’s further development.
Duterte’s recent candid and usually spontaneous remarks confronted 71-year old Business Tycoon Manny V. Pangilinan.
The President is clearly annoyed and dumbfounded having to brought up the issue on Cellular Frequencies which was previously given to the private sector for FREE.

Manny Pangilinan is currently the new President and CEO of PLDT-SMART, one of the first provider of digital services that utilizes the now Fiber Optic Technology, formerly DSL, in hope to dramatically improve seamless and simultaneous Internet experience by its users.

In the verge of the incoming 3rd Telco Player in the country, the Frequency that is needed to allocate and sustain mobile services can only be returned, provided that if the government shall PAY for the ‘supposed’ expenses incurred.

In our local dialect, Duterte said in a mild statement: “Isauli ninyo sa gobyerno ‘yung frequency. Pero pabayarin pa. It was given to them for free. Tapos pagsauli, ayaw isauli kung — they acquired it with costs,” 

Which was immediately followed with a series of his usual disparage by saying: “Binibigay ng gobyerno… Ah p***** i**. Sabi ko talaga sa Cabinet member ‘yun. Sabi ko talaga kay, ‘p***** i** sabihin mo ‘yan si… Tuliin ko siya uli. Sauli niya ‘yan two days.’ ‘Yung isa, tawag, day after, sauli nila, ‘yung frequency sa telco. Magbayad? Libre tapos ngayon ibi­nigay, magbayad ako? Nabuang ka?”

Insinuating the Oligarchs who are one of his major critics, Duterte also said: “Tapos na-interpret ng elite ng Maynila na, ‘bastos ito, ganitong salita, na rude ang ano.’ okay lang, basta sumunod lang kayo,”


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Source:  abante.com.ph

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