Duterte hails Trump for reportedly wanting to copy his war on drugs

Amidst accusations and mixed reactions on the alleged extra-judicial killings, US President Donald Trump reportedly wants to imitate Philippine President Duterte’s “Iron Fist” on fighting illegal drugs on their own.
Trump was even quoted as saying that Chinese and Filipinos alike, do not have drug problems as drug dealers are being killed.
The Duterte – Trump tandem grabbed a sudden unusual attention to many who, unlike his predecessor, Former President Barack Obama, criticized Duterte of his Leadership with accusations against human rights. 

Trump even lauds “great relationship” with the Philippine President.

It was earlier reported that Donald Trump visited the country along with leaders of 18 other ASEAN Member States for a 2-day summit in which human rights issues were not even brought up.

The rapport between Duterte and Trump started after a group meeting at an Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Vietnam which seem to have been persistent since then. Duterte has regularly been called out as “Donald Trump of Asia”

In response to Iceland’s call to renew plea on UN’s probe against war on drugs, Duterte, in a statement, also admitted that a Democratic government is hard to handle.

"This is democracy and that is the reason we are pretty hard up. It is not easy to run a government that is democratic because of the so many rights of the citizens," said Duterte.

“Yang police power, power of eminent domain, and taxation—those are the fundamentals. ‘Yun ang pinaka-core na power ng gobyerno. But there is a firewall also and that is the Bill of Rights—due process, right to be heard, lawyer, during an investigation, and all of these things. And that is why we can hardly cope up," he also added.

Known for his solid outbursts against criticisms of his War on drugs, Duterte, in a similar statement, ordered Policemen and the Military not to let UN Rapporteurs intervene with the anti drug campaign.

"Pagdating ng human rights o sinumang rapporteur diyan, ang order ko sa inyo, do not answer, do not bother. Why would you be answering? Bakit sino sila? And who are you to interfere in the way I would run my country. You know very well that we're being swallowed by drugs," Duterte said.


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