‘Duterte Effect’ prompted Crime Rate downfall in QC.

Vast majority of Filipinos believes, supports and continually cheers on Duterte leadership’s capability to usher the country into a violent-free society.
In today’s recent condition, even more that we, as citizens of this country are able to benefit from his unlikely Rule of Law and although his ‘Iron Fist’ delivered a blowing punch against perpetrators, there are still hard-headed rascals left behind doing cruelty for a living.

Not in the case of Quezon City where crime rate plunged by almost 50% during the entire period that President Rodrigo Duterte took oath as Head of State.

Crime data showed an estimated 44.2% steady drop on 8 notable crimes in the City including: robbery, theft, homicide, violence, carnapping, and rape with comparisons between November 2014 – June 2016 and July 2016 – 2018, consecutively.

QCPD Director Chief Superintendent Guillermo Eleazar said there were a total of 9,652 recorded cases of notable crimes compared to the 17,305 crimes recorded with which prior to Duterte’s assumption in 2016.

Although apparent incidents that link cops to alleged ‘vigilante killings’ remain high, these incidents were in a much lower occurrence compared to the previous administration. In the concept of the Anti- Illegal Drugs Campaign, the police have also been accused of Summary Killings to drug suspects but has always been defended quickly by the authorities saying that majority of the casualties are part of a legitimate police operations.

In a statement, Eleazar said: “I look forward to the statistics further going down as more criminals are brought to justice, and fear of the law, and the consequences of breaking it returns through intensive police operations and community vigilance,”.


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Source:  gmanetwork.com

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