Casiño blasts ​Roque ​for linking human rights groups to drug lords: “F*ck you. You know this is not true”

Sparks of outrage and condemnation has collided again in the ‘Twitterverse’ as two known political personalities took their intellectual argument on social media, Monday, March 26, 2018.
Following the pronouncement of Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque Jr. that drug syndicates may have been collaborating or taking advantage of the human rights groups to counter war on drugs, Former Bayan Muna House Representative Teddy Casiño had immediately expressed his rebuttal through twitter.
In a press statement, SPOX Roque Jr. claimed that drug lords have succumbed to all possible efforts using their own ‘drug money’ to impede any progress made by the war on drugs and human rights groups that opposes the operation may have been lured as “unwitting tools” of drug personalities.

"The attacks against the President’s war on drugs have been vicious and non-stop. We therefore do not discount the possibility that some human rights groups have become unwitting tools of drug lords to hinder the strides made by the administration," SPOX Roque said.

This, as SPOX Roque Jr. spoke in defense of ‘vicious and non-stop’ criticisms always thrown at President Duterte’s drug war.

Teddy Casiño, however was not as pleased and tweeted right after by saying: “Fuck you @attyharryroque. You know this is not true. You also know that saying this expands the target of the drug war & brings your former colleagues in the human rights community in the cross hairs of Duterte’s death squads.”

To recall, Roque Jr. was once a human rights advocate and law professor at the University of the Philippines who taught Constitutional Law and Public International Law for 15 years.

No developing stories have followed after Casiño’s denouncement as of writing.


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