America is replicating PH ‘Tokhang’ operations

Illegal drug use in the United States has been increasing as shown in the latest survey in 2013 by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) where an estimated 25 Million Americans with ages 12 years or older are exposed under the influence.
Although fewer Americans are smoking cigarettes, Marijuana use has increased since 2007 with 19.8 Million users and sits as the most popular, ‘favored’ drug of all time. Heroin comes in 2nd to Marijuana as the most Popular in the US, along with Cocaine as 3rd, Ecstasy, Amphetamines or “speed” as its street name and last but not the least, Morphine – that could take you to a relaxing and euphoric journey.

 Not known to many, the US war on drugs began in 1971 under President Richard Nixon with a declaration that drug abuse is “Public Enemy Number One” and has by far, increased penalties, enforcement and incarceration for offenders since then.

With greater concerns on the effectivity and awareness of the War on Drugs, the US has taken its chance to ‘imitate’ Philippine’s “Tokhang” operations that originated in Davao City when President Duterte was still Mayor.

“Tokhang” or (Tuktuk-Hangyo) is a street slang, from a Visayan dialect, for Philippine National Police’s (PNP) ‘Oplan-Double Barrel Project’ to combat illegal drugs and other related crimes where the police along with local law enforcers have the authority to do house to house search of an alleged drug user or pusher, for interrogation and further assessment.
The Americans witnessed the effectivity rate, with submissions of over a hundred and even thousands including those who voluntarily surrender.

Ironically, President Duterte has since been a long-time subject of criticism for his own War on Drugs by the US media which he describes as a double standard. He pointed out as saying: “Kung sila, okay. Tayo, nung ginagawa ni Bato, hindi. Violation ng human rights (When they do it, it’s okay. But when we do it, when Bato does it, it’s not okay. It’s a violation of human rights,”.
Duterte also remembered how the US responded negatively on his decision to put the country under State of National Emergency tarnished by politics and personal interests from the opposition where his only objective is to protect and serve the Filipino people.

“Ngayon sila ang may national emergency. Trump declared it,” he said. “Trump [said] he would like to follow Duterte because they have no problem in the Philippines (Now it’s them that’s having a national emergency. Trump declared it)” he added.


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