101 year old Italian woman, nagsilang ng kanyang ikalabing-pitong anak

In Italy, a 101-year old woman has reportedly given birth to a 9-pound infant after having to successfully undergo an illegal and controversial operation.
Anatolia Vertadella, of Italian descent, once was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and became quickly downhearted and miserable with her life finding out she could no longer bear 1 more child when she already gave birth to 16 children in her younger years.
In an interview, she said: “For so long I have felt useless to God, I could not procreate since I turned 48 years old when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. For a long time, I believed God was punishing me for only bearing 16 children, but in his godly generosity, he has granted me with fertility once again”

She took this matter into her own freewill by deciding to undergo an Ovary Transplant at the age of 48 years old in a private clinic in Turkey, whom she chose not to disclose, where it is considered as illegal under European health laws.     

“I am very grateful to all the team of doctors who decided to go on with the operation.” – Vertadella lamented.

Years later, she was able to bear her 17th child through artificial insemination and successfully gave birth, once again in a private clinic in Turkey in her venerable years. The baby is named Francesco in honor of the Pope in hopes for absolution and clemency in this controversial ‘unlawful’ issue.

Francesco’s father is a 26-year old Catholic-born, which prompted for Vertadella’s decision of wanting the child to be born Catholic as well, a union religiously sanctified by the Catholic Church.

Vertadella’s husband passed away in 1998 and even in her loss, she admits to still loving her late husband and vowed to stay a widow until her own time comes.

"I am so grateful to have given birth to my 17th child. This is a true blessing and a testament to the power of the creator" said Anatolia Vertadella at the age of 101 years old.

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