Nakaka distract sa ibang estudyante | Gordon, Gatchalian remind UP students: Protest should be conducted during off school hours

After President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to remove students of the University of the Philippines who walked out and held a demonstration on the campus to protest some state policies.
Two senators who belong to the Senate majority urged protesting UP students to be responsible in their expression of dissent and to protest during class hours.

According to senator Sherwin Gatchalian, the primary responsibility of UP students was to finish their study and join the ranks of productive citizens.

“Voicing out opinions should be conducted responsibly and fairly,” he said.

“It should be conducted during off school hours so that others will not be disturbed or distracted,” Gatchalian added.

In a statement released, Sen. Richard Gordon reminded UP students to avoid leaving their classes to protest against the administration.
“The president is just advising them in a very stern way. They are our nation’s scholars. They get quality education for a little amount. Many would like to get into UP every year," Gordon said.

"The president is just disappointed at the fact that it’s difficult to get into UP yet the students are not attending their classes,” he said.

“There are many ways of expression through Facebook and other social media sites. There is no need to disrupt the operations of the school,” Gordon added.


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