Thousands of money are missing on savings account, BDO clients complaint.

Frustrated Banco De Oro (BDO) clients took social media to share their terrifying experience after they found out that thousands money deposited on their savings account are missing.
According to them, they tried to report the incident to the said bank but BDO seemed to disregard their complaints.

This issue is now a hot topic on social media that put BDO at stake, knowing that the issue is about money.
Below are some of the trending posts on Facebook from netizens, who are clients of BDO.

Tonette Pajuelas expressed her disappointment and rage to BDO through A Facebook post, with the hashtag “#BDOsavingsaccountscam”, after seeing her latest balance from P71,760 down to P5,780. 

According to her, she never withdrew money from her savings account and the last transaction she had was on January 3, 2018 wherein, she received P2,950 as payment.

Read her Facebook post below:

"Tulala pa rin at naginginig sa galit at pagkadismaya nag check ako ng savings account ko sa BDO natulala ako ng makita ko latest Bal peso 5,708..pano nangyari un never akong nag withdraw ng pera sa savings account ko ito ang last checking bal ko account Nov ,11,2017 peso 68,810.3 at may pumasok pang bayad sa akin Jan 3,2018 na 2,950 peso in all na pera ko 71,760 in phil money BDO savings account napakasakit ang pinaghirapan ko may iba palang nakikinabang ako lng ang may hawak ng Passbook at ATM ko pano nangyari na 5,708.3 na lng natira sino nman kayang wlang puso gumagamit ng pera d nman sya ang naghirap!!"

"#BDOsavingsaccount scam!!"

Another BDO client named Juvy Garcia also shared her bad experience with BDO wherein according to her, someone managed to withdraw money worth P28K from her savings account while the card was with her, happened last December 23, 2017. She immediately reported the incident by sending email, but never she never received any reply; Called customer support, but the line was hassle; Tried the BDO community page, but was only able to help her in blocking her ATM account. 

Garcia said that she’s been using using BDO-OLB for 18 months now and the last transaction she can recall was when she changed her card’s PIN code and activated her OLB(Online Banking), before her flight on the next day. 

Garcia encouraged the readers to check their accounts for assurance and hopes that it can send awareness.

Juvy’s post was shared by 14,448 netizens and gained 4.5k reactions. Netizens also shared their own experiences by commenting on the said post.

Read the full post of Juvy Garcia:

"So this is it, I'm going to make it public. I'll try to make it as short as I possibly can. I was supposed to publish this earlier but due to the holidays, na-delay.

"Let me start by saying, di po ako mayaman. Isa po akong OFW, and contrary to what others think of someone who is working abroad, I'm not able to 'make pulot' as much money as I want to (yeah, whatever!). So, being an OFW, i took advantage of the services being offered in the bank - BDO online banking in particular. Almost all OFWs here in the Middle East is using BDO. Bakit hindi, sila ay may slot sa PDOS namin and the offer is quite good.

"So, here's what happened.


"I've been using the BDO-OLB for 18 months as of date. The passbook and the BDO card is with me! The only time I used an ATM was to change the pincode (inside BDO bank) & to activate my OLB (done before my flight the next day). Padala dito every now & then, of course that's the main reason why I'm here. I don't usually save much coz I know the risk involved (At kung tutuusin, I shouldn't be made to feel this way. These banks who handles our hard-earned money should 'FIND WAYS' & see to it that our money is secured.

"Fast forward to December 23, '17. I logged in to my account using the BDO app. kasi dba Christmas and that's when I found out about the 5 unauthorized withdrawals, a total of Php28,135.76. There are 2 things that actually baffles me. One, I never received an email notifying me that I have successfully withdrawn or purchased something. Two, is there no limit to the amount a person can withdraw in one day? My friends kept telling me it's an inside job. Well, inside job or not, I want my money back.

"I sent 3 emails but I never got any reply until now (#asapamore). Calling their hotline is such a hassle, andaming option ubos na load ko pag may avail customer rep. na to assist me. I tried their community page and I was finally assisted (pero ang hirap kunin ng attention nila ha?!). He helped me blocked my ATM card & gave me a reference number should I follow my case up. He also gave me this dispute form that I haven't signed yet.

"It's never my intention to tarnish the credibility of the bank, but when you become the victim of a fraud and the BDO employees/mgt continues to disregard my case, and these scenario rises in random occurrence, would someone fault me if I would question their credibility to handle our savings? Crappy things like this can happen to anyone, at nakakalungkot po kasi ung iba 50k, 100k ung nawawala sa kanila. Hopefully, BDO will 'FIND WAYS' to fix this.

"Please share to raise awareness. Check your accounts ASAP. Salamat po.

"God bless.


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