Sereno warns Reyes to end his career once he continued the meeting with Duterte

Former Court of Appeals (CA) Presiding Justice Andres Reyes Jr., now Associate Justice of Supreme Court, told the House Justice of Committee, during the 11th hearing on the impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, about the threat he received from Sereno telling him that his career could be ended if he still continue setting up a meeting with President Rodrigo Duterte, together with the CA justices.
“Since she told me ‘this might end your career,’ I did not anymore argue with her. I did not go anymore, so she would see that I was not defying her,” Reyes said.
“I was really affected when she said this could end your career,” he added.

Because the meeting could no longer be canceled, the meeting with the President went through, wherein they amended their letter, limiting their agenda to present commemorative coins and stamps, to Malacañang and did not tackle Judicial concerns.

“The Chief Justice also told me to prepare a letter apologizing to the en banc because of the request for a courtesy call with the President”  Reyes said.

But according to Associate Justice Teresita Leonardo De Castro, there was no move from the en banc to sanction Reyes.

“She’s trying to convince us that Reyes needs to show cause (for his action), thus she has to mention judicial independence, but the court thought her recommendation was too harsh and that there’s no need to sanction the justice,” De Castro said.

“I was surprised there was a dressing down of Presiding Justice Reyes. In fact, I asked a friend to tell him it was not that bad because I learned that for two weeks, he was not able to report for work,” she added.

The cancellation of Reyes’ meeting with President Duterte is alleged to be Sereno’s alleged was one of the impeachable acts identified by lawyer Larry Gadon, the complainant in the case.

Sereno was alleged by Gadon of violating the Philippine Constitution, betraying public trust and committing graft and other high crimes, which she denied.
“She may occasionally remind magistrates of the first Canon of the Code of Conduct which is entitled ‘Independence.’ She said.


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