Netizen buys ice cream; gets frozen spaghetti

A post from a netizen named Nikki Calalang took the attention of many netizens because of her hilarious experience after buying an ice cream tub, which she did not expect it to contain frozen spaghetti instead.
According Nikki, she went to a grocery at Walter Mart, San Fernando, to buy an ice cream cream tub then went home. The hilarious part happened when she opened the tub and surprisingly saw a frozen spaghetti inside instead of  ice cream,  that never in anyone’s wildest dream will think of.

Nikki immediately shared her experience on Facebook, which was shared by thousands of netizens leaving their comments. Nikki followed the advice of some netizens to complain the incident and return the ice cream.  The management apologized to her and replaced it with the right item, promised her to. 

Nikki went straight to Walter Mart’s “Customer Service” and reported her ice cream tub. The management apologized for what happened and replaced it with a real one. They also told her that they will investigate the incident and asked her to take down her post, but Nikki refused.

“They asked me to take down the post, I said no. It’s not like we’re mad or something. It was really just hilarious.” Nikki said.

She updated her post with her encounter with the management and said that she was expecting a compensation from them like another ice cream tub, which they did not.

Read her full post below:

"My mama bought an ice cream at Walter Mart San Fernando. Pagbukas namin, spaghetti yung laman. LEGIT, I SWEAR HAHAHAHHAHA :(((

"Hello Walter Mart Supermarket, pa-refund gusto ko ng icecream. Not frozen spaghetti 😭

"Okay, so we went back, went straight to the Customer Service. Same old, they apologized and replaced the spaghetti with a real ice cream. It was okay. They told us that they’re going to investigate, see who put that there and all that.

"They asked me to take down the post, I said no. 🙂 It’s not like we’re mad or something. It was really just hilarious. Coz it really was 😂
"Anyway, they didn’t give us anything other than the ice cream. No complimentary ice cream.... I was really waiting for another ice cream tub jk (1/2)."


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Source:  Nikki Calalang Facebook

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