Large rat goes viral for taking a bath like a human, draws mixed reactions from netizens

A video of a large Rat is now viral on social media, with almost 26 million views, after caught bathing like a human.
This video was posted by a Facebook page Akaso and has gained The video gained mixed reactions, while others share it just for fun and tag some of their friends to remind them to take a bath.

On the said video, the rat seems to be enjoying rubbing itself with soap bubbles like a normal person does while bathing.

But despite the hilarious video, other netizens think that it is animal cruelty because of the soap seen on the rat’s body to show that it is bathing, which a rat can’t do without a human.
Aside from that, it also looks like the rat was trying to remove the soap/ shampoo chemicals all over its body and not bathing.

Watch the video below:


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