Koko kay Drilon: Ipinagtanggol ko na ang Senado, ano pa ang gusto mo?

“Kaya po I am calling on Senate President Pimentel to defend the Senate as an institution of democracy (That’s why I am calling on Senate President Pimentel to defend the senate as an institution of democracy),” Senate Minority Leader Frank Drilon said in a radio interview, appealing to Pimentel on the embarrassment and criticism that House Speaker Bebot Alvarez has caused to the Senate.
Pimentel responded to Drilon’s appeal to him and this is what he said.

“I have already defended the Senate by responding to what the speaker has said. Why does he want me to continue the word war with the speaker?” Pimental said to Drilon

Pimental responded to Alvarez’s criticizm on the Senate’s apparent “sluggishness” in passing important measures that were already approved by the upper chamber.

“The Senate is a “Chamber of Scholars” and we are not obliged to approve what the lower chamber has fortified.” Pimentel said.

Drilon was not satisfied on Pimentel’s response instead, he reiterated that the main issue is not about how the Senate works, but how Alvarez tries to convince the public to abolish the Senate once the constitution has been amended.

Pimentel reminded Drilon that they, referring to Alvarez, belong to the same party which is the PDP-Laban and added that he would attend on Alvarez’s birthday party in Davao this January 10.

“He belongs to Liberal Party (LP) while the Speaker and I belong to the PDP. Hence why should I do that?” Pimentel said.

“Walang factions. We will all enjoy the birthday party of Speaker in Davao. We are good friends. Nagtutuksuhan lang kami,” Pimental added.


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