Globe and Smart, financer of the CPP and NPA?

Manila Times Columnist Rigoberto Tiglao revealed  a shocking revelation on his column about the dark secret of the country’s biggest telecommunications duopoly, PLDT-Smart and Globe Telecom.
Wherein according to his sources, the telcos are the financer of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New People’s Army (NPA).

According to his source, telcos have been financing the terrorist groups since the start of this decade to save their 20,000 cell towers, an electronic communications equipment along with an antenna to support cellular communication in a network, from the terrorist groups.

In addition to this, the terrorist groups are getting huge amount of money from the two companies that will reach to P3 billion. 

Instead of hiring heavily armed private security guards, telcos chose to pay the revolutionary tax that the terrorists are demanding wherein a huge percentage of it goes directly to their top leaders.

“The NPA in many instances, didn’t even have to fight the security guards,” a source said. 

“The NPA simply tells them they will attack the site, and the security guards abandon their posts. Why shouldn’t they?”

11 years back, the terrorist groups were collecting P200,000 from the telcos, which have 10,000 cell cites scattered in the whole country.

“Smart and Globe are said to be the biggest sources of revolutionary tax of the NPAs in Bicol,” a source said.

“Whether they chose to put up their camps near the cellsites, or the telcos put up cellsites at their request near their camps, we can’t say, but major NPA encampments usually have strong cell signals that their commanders rely a lot on mobile phones and use the internet a lot,” a military intelligence source said.

Read the comments of some netizens below:

Jaime Domingo: Kaya pala sa China Telecom lumapit si presidente kasi yong China hindi tataluhin ng mga komunistang ito.

Angrycitizen: We need to declare BAYAN, KADAMAY, ACT and Gabriela as terrorist organizations. They support the NPA and also provide funding.
Felix Quiambao: The Best solution is to eradicate CPP NPA now that our arm forces had modernazed their armament.

Lance William Tsuji: Kapag hindi nagbigay yung mga companies susunugin nila yung mga properties ng companies. Dyan sila nabubuhay at yan ang pinagkukunan bg pondo ng magandang buhay nila Joma Sison sa Europe
Pilando: If this is story is true, the government must do something to stop the two telcos from giving money to the NPAs...this is a matter of concern to the military. something has to be done. Tiglao is posting a chicken and egg situation. I believe the NPA is also dependent on cell phones and if I were Globe and Smart (and for that matter the government) ,I would not restore the services to the NPA infected areas, if they destroy a cell site and let the people condemn them for bringing the rest of the community back to the dark ages. I'd like to hear what the Duopoly's answer are to these charges!


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