Former Senator Tatad says Aquino’s administration is better than the current administration

Francisco “Kit” Tatad, former senator, finds the previous administration better as compared to the current administration. This was stated in his column for the Manila Times published in October 23.

According to him, though former President Benigno Aquino was not ready to become President, he is better because he was “not at all vile nor uncouth, and never showed such bloody contempt for human life”.
“Like DU30, he (Aquino) also liked to shoot, but he only shot at inanimate objects during target practice. DU30 on the other hand wants to make us believe that he has actually shot and killed people and continues to warn his adversaries he would be happy to shoot them to death,” Tatad said, comparing the Aquino administration and the Duterte administration.
Based on Tatad’s opinion, the worst offense of President Duterte is his belief that he has the right to decide on who lives and dies.

“He seems completely unaware that human existence rests on certain immutable truths, and that we can go on quarreling with one another on any issue so long as these truths are respected,” Tatad said.

The possibility that Tatad raised, wherein Duterte’s presidency could be worse than Aquino’s after the Mindanaoan politiko won by a huge margin in the 2016 elections, but his friends dismissed it as a joke.

“Now they blame me for the ‘prophecy,’” Tatad said.


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