DJ Mo Twister slams Senator Win Gatchalian: “Ha? Won’t apologize? Gag***! Ul***l!.”

Aside from acclaimed musical theater actress Lea Salonga, who recently reacted  on the controversial tweet of Senator Sherwin “Win” Gatchalian cussing words to his critics in  vernacular on social media,  radio DJ Mo Twister also reacted on the said post of the Senator.
Read the Lea’s tweets as she shared her two cents worth on what being a public figure means:

“Oh dear. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Being a public figure means having to deal with haters and bashers from time to time, whether in person or on social media. Keeping the eyes on what’s important is what keeps one sane through the craziness.”

“The stuff I’ve been called on social media through the years is enough to drive one crazy, but it hasn’t. I won’t let the haters and bashers win. Besides, there are more good people out there than not.”

“Let this be a reminder to celebs, politicos, etc. on social media, only one degree of separation from everyone else. You’re fair game the moment you open an account, and it can really test your patience and resolve.”

“That said however, we should all engage fully mindful of the impact our words have on one another. Let’s keep all discourses respectful, even when our opinions are contrary to someone else’s. Thanks, that is all.”

DJ Mo and Lea Salonga are known to be straightforward when it comes to expressing their opinions and feelings towards someone or something.

On the post of Mo, he lambasted the senator for not putting his pride aside to apologize for his inappropriate action.

“Ha? Won’t apologize? Gag***! Ul***l! Hahahaha! @stgatchalian.” Mo tweeted.

A netizen also shared his commentaries on the attitude that the senator displayed, a comment that Mo responded.

“I get that you have a breaking point. What you don’t get is as a senator, there is a level of control and composure that needs to be displayed in public. People expected a more eloquent and intelligent response. God bless you.” Netizen commented.

“Stupid is as stupid does. It means that an intelligent person who does stupid things is still stupid. You are what you do.” Mo responded to the netizen’s comment.
The issue started when Gatchalian reacted with profanities to a netizen’s comment on the observed changed of view of the senator on former President Noynoy Aquino during the current administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Senator JV Ejercito came to the defense of Gatchalian who he referred to as his “seatmate” in the Senate.

“In the incident involving my co-seatmate Sen. @stgatchalian, only goes to show that we are also human, we got hurt and affected too. What is scary is if we public servants become immune from bashings and attacks from rabid haters, then we become insensitive & are like political robots.’’ JV said.


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