Arrested Hired Killer reveals how much money a hitman earns

A self-confessed hired killer, Patrick Arranchado a.k.a Sonny Boy, an identified drug lord was caught by the Mariones Tondo Police officers and revealed how the transaction is being done, including the amount of the Druglord’s offer.
Aranchado is the accomplice of the gunman who shot Barangay Anna Patricia Faustino that caused her death. 

He was was arrested in a follow up operation after the barangay officials reviewed the CCTV footage last December 29, 2017 at 7PM.

According to Aranchado, their main mission is to kill those officials who are implementing the anti-drug campaign, started by the Duterte administration, and those who embezzled the money of the Druglord wherein, they were getting P30K per head once their mission was accomplished, while P15K if not.

Watch the full video:

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