After the faceless P100 bill, another misprinted P100 bill goes viral

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas is facing a big controversy for misprinting batch of P100 bills without the face of the late President Manuel Roxas, which BSP managing director Carlyn Pangilinan admitted in a press conference last December 28.
"We have resolved the mechanical cause of printing error that led to the faceless notes. The BSP has identified the affected machine and action has been taken," Pangilinan said.

This issue was raised Facebook user Earla Anne Yehey, BPI client, wherein she posted the incident she encountered when she tried to withdraw 4 pieces of P100 bill from an Automated Teller Machine, which became a hot topic on social media.

On New Year’s eve, another post of the same issue also went viral from a Facebook user named Emmanuel Claudio Constantino, showing a photo and a video of a misprinted P100 bill with printed faces of Roxas at back and front of the bill.

“Kaya naman pala walang ulo yung isang daan niyo, nandito sakin (That’s why your P100 bill is faceless, because I have it) ,” Constantino said.

Constantino was given the misprinted peso bill as a change when he bought at a pyrotechnic device store.

According to the Central Bank, there are 33 pieces of misprinted P100 bills reported, but only 19 of those were recovered to date.

“The public is also advised to be vigilant against acts of those who wish to confuse, deceive or illegally profit from posting, producing and/or selling fake ‘misprinted’ notes with no numismatic value,” the central bank said a statement.

“The BSP assures the public that it is, and has, always been committed to safeguarding the authenticity and genuineness of our currency and to protecting the public interest,” it added.

Watch the video below:

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