500 e-Jeepneys set to hit the road this month. Drivers are expected to earn P21,000 a month

Transport Undersecretary Tim Orbos told CNN Philippines' The Source in an interview on Tuesday that in year 2020, jeepneys above 15 years old will go out ,if failed to pass a roadworthiness test, and all jeepneys should be new within three years as planned and demanded by President Rodrigo Duterte.
"The 15-year-old aspect, hindi na nga ho namin iniintindi muna [we're not worrying about that yet] because if we do, all the jeepneys will have to go out." Orbos said

"So we're looking at road worthiness," Orbos added

The move will be gradually implemented in phases as clarified by transport regulators to give way on the new line of electric- or solar-powered e-jeepneys that the government is planning to run.

Because of this, protests were held by some jeepeney operators, believing that the program is not affordable and would make many drivers jobless.

The new e-jeeps includes the following features below:

* Solar / Electric powered
* Free Wi-Fi
* CCTV camera
* Global navigation satellite system
* Fare card reader
* Speed limiter

Aside from the mentioned features above, the e-jeepney  there is also a space built for persons with disabilities.

Orbos added that jeepney drivers are expected to earn P21,000 in net salary a month, on top of government benefits and only allowed to operate not more than 10 hours to avoid competition for passengers.
"The regular driver now will drive more than 14 hours a day. (Under the program) we will not allow them to drive more than 10 hours. But they can have two shifts," the undersecretary said.
The fare is not affected by the launch of the program, but will still be affected by the newly approved tax hike on excise fuel, which is expected to take effect this month together with the launching of the first 500 e-jeepneys.

Watch the video below:


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