President Duterte to fire a whole commission over corruption

Friday, during the 84th anniversary of the Department of Labor and Employment in Malolos, Bulacan, President Rodrigo Duterte made a announcement that surprised everyone because of his plan to fire “one commission” and all of its officials due to corruption, which is one thing that Duterte hates as he pursued the campaign against corruption.
“Walang corruption. Corruption is really pulling us down. Kaya sa akin, even a whiff. Bulong bulungan lang, o tumanggap ka you’re fired! (There should be no corruption. Corruption is really pulling us down. That’s why for me, even a whiff. Even if it’s just an allegation that you received money, you’re fired!),” Duterte said.

“Now on Monday, I will fire one commission, lahat sila. Wala akong pakialam kung nakisali isa, dalawa, tatlo. Wala akong patawad-tawad! (Now on Monday, I will fire one commission, All of them. I don’t care if only a few are involved. I do not forgive!)” he added.

The accused agency was not revealed by Duterte, including the reason of allegation.

Recently in November, officials of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) were forced to resign by Duterte due to alleged corruption and even warned them that he will remove the agency for a newer one, one theu refused to resign.

Duterte is known for declaring his decision in public to fire someone because of alleged corruption and unacceptable actions. Like what happened to the former Dangerous Drugs Board (DBB) chief Dioniso Santiago last November 7, because of his construction of 10,000-bed drug rehabilitation center in Nueva Ecija province whom he described as “impractical” and “a mistake.” Together with Santiago, Duterte also ousted DDB chairman Benjamin Reyes for manipulating the government’s official data on drug addicts in the Philippines that resulted to contradicting information.

Last April, the President dismissed Cabinet Undersecretary Maia Chiara Halmen Reina Valdez from employment because of overruling National Food Authority Administrator Jason Aquino’s decision to suspend rice importation, which she denied.

Interior Secretary Ismael Sueno was also sacked by the President due to corruption on his purchase of firetrucks for the country, which he also denied.

“the President may have been fed wrong information” Sueno said.



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