Mom steals shirts as "pamasko" for 4-yr-old son, pleads SM guards to set her free to spend Christmas with child

A mother named Samantha Lopez, 29-year-old, was arrested after guards caught her shoplifting at SM San Lazaro.
According to the statement released by the security officers of SM San Lazaro, they recovered three shirts amounting to ₱1,649 that she stole at the kids apparel section without passing through the cashier, which was supposedly a gift for her 4-year-old son this coming Christmas.

Without noticing, a guard, who was dressed as civilian, saw and followed her leaving the mall, and was asked for the receipt of the items she supposedly purchased, but she was unaable to do so.

While at the office for investigation, she begged the security officers not to file charges but instead, set her free so that she could be with her child on Christmas. Unfortunately, she was ignored and was sent in jail to face the theft charge.

According to the Revised Penal Code, Intent to gain is one of the elements of the crime. Therefore theft is a felony.



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