Kontrabando nakumpiska sa Pari na may misa sa loob ng Bohol District Jail

November 26 (Sunday), a confirmation came from Felipe Montejo, warden at the Bohol Detention and Rehabilitation Center (BDRC), about a smuggled  packs of cigarrets and dried tobacco leaves that were seized from a priest named Father James Darunday.
According to Father Darunday, he was supposed to conduct mass for 900 inmates at a jail facility and was given a plastic container of biscuits by a woman who claimed to be the wife of Rey Gaco, an inmate at BRDC, without knowing that it contained 50 packs of cigarettes and seceral unprocessed tabacco leaves all burried beneath the “assorted biscuits”.

"I was too trusting. I agreed to carry the container out of compassion, believing it [contained] just biscuits, it could have been worse if there were illegal drugs. Thank God, there were no drugs in it" Darunday said.

"God knows I was innocent. I did it out of good motive. It was unfortunate this had happened," He added.

Based on the record of Father Darunday, he has been ministering for over 7 years at BDRC, run by the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP). He sometimes brings food and snacks to inmates at his expense or from donors if they are insufficient.

After the incident happened, to avoid it from recurring, BDRC's Montejo will now ban priests from officiating mass at the facility again starting on Monday. They also did a surprise police inspection at BDRC yielded packs of shabu, mobile phones, bladed weapons, and some illegal drug paraphernalia.

"I would respect their decision if they would ban me. I just hope that another priest would look after the spiritual lives of the inmates," Darunday said.

Source:  rappler.com

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