Former DILG reacts to CHR on probing the AFP for possible violation of human rights in Marawi

A declaration from President Rodrigo Duterte was made on Tuesday, saying that finally, Marawi City is free from Maute Group after more than 3 months of war in Marawi City against the government forces and ISIS terrorists.
Though the was is over in Marawi City, but for the AFP, it is not the end yet as they will have to face the Commission of Human Rights for interrogation on violation of human during their operation in Marawi City.
“Para ma-ensure na yung karapatan nung mga nasa kabila ay meron ding respeto (This is to ensure that the rights of the other parties are also respected),” said CHR Policy Advisory Office OIC Atty. Gemma Parojinog.

This statement of Parojinog was disagreed by Former DILG Rafael Alunan III where he expressed his opinion towards the CHR. Wherein, he believes that the soldiers just did their job.

"ISIS beheads, rapes randomly and casually. CHR silent. AFP kills ISIS to free Marawi. CHR will investigate if deaths violated HR?" Alunan said oh his Facebook post.

This post of caught the attention of many netizens and agreed to his sentiments.

In the comment section, Alunan said, "it's clear that the chr fields ignorant people who blab away without knowing the difference between law enforcement and combat. bring them to the war zone and leave them there with a rifle. then let's see how they'll handle isis."

Alunan posted again on Facebook wherein this time, he addressed it to CHR Atty. Gemma Parojinog about the suspected violation of the AFP on Human Rights.

Read the post below:

“This is addressed to CHR representative Gemma Parojinog. The Rules of Engagement between law enforcement and combat differ!

"Please reflect on this and internalize. Then scan the videos on FB posted by Scout Ranger Books, or my wall, or YouTube about the combat in Marawi; what crimes against humanity the ISIS coalition of terrorists committed; and what the AFP-PNP had to endure and sacrifice to liberate Marawi at the cost of 163 DEAD and over 1,000 WOUNDED!

"Not even the so-called "Moro Liberation Fronts" sacrificed their blood for their fellow-Maranaos to liberate Marawi the way the AFP-PNP did, and with great care so as not to incur collateral damage. Where did you find the temerity to even suggest that they may have violated human rights? Search deep in your soul to know what's right, and the context, instead of parroting nonsense.”


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