Families claim their children died due to Dengvaxia: Marami pong namatay

Families of children who allegedly died after receiving Dengvaxia vaccine sought accountability on Tuesday.
It was recently reported that are children died afyer getting Dengvaxia vaccine.

Last Tuesday, the families of the victims went to Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) to seek for accountability. Aside from the victims’ families, the PAO said that there are more families coming forward to speak on the effect of Dengvaxia.

"Meron pong nagtutuwid at nagsasabing walang namatay. Sinungaling po sila. Patawarin sila ng langit. Marami pong namatay (Some are claiming there were no deaths related to Dengvaxia. They're lying. Many died)” said PAO Chief Persida Acosta.

Acosta presented the case of Christine Mae de Guzman, 10-year-old, wherein his father, Nelson, recalled his daughter was immunized on April 2016 and was supposed to be scheduled in October 2016 but unfortunately, Christine passed away after she had fever for two days.

“Noong una ay pumasok sya sa school. Tapos nung tanghali, umuwi sya. Masakit daw ulo nya. Syempre kame ang akala namin nilagnat lang siya. Tapos mga ilang araw sumakit na ang tiyan nya (At first, she went to school. Then, in the afternoon, she went home. She complained her head was aching. We thought that it was just a simple fever. Then, few more days, her stomach ached),” Nelson De Guzman, father of Christine, said.

On Christine’s death certificate, it is stated that her cause of death was “Disseminated Intravascular Coagulophaty” wherein, small blood clots developed throughout the bloodstream, blocking small blood vessels.

The second child who died is Anjielica Pestilos, 10-year-old, who was vaccinated with Dengvaxia in September 13, 2017.

"Noong October po ay nagkasakit na sya. Noong November ay na ospital na sya sa East Ave Medical Center. At December namatay na po (She fell in in October. In November, she was brought to the East Avenue Medical Center. In December, she died.)” PAO Forensic Lab Chief Dr. Erwin Erfe said.

In Anjielica's death certificate, it’s stated that she died becuase of "systemic lupus" and Erfe said that both children had no previous exposure to dengue.

"Nung nireview po namin ang record nito sa clinical abstract, mga litrato na kinuha meron hung manifestation ng severe hemorrhagic dengue (We reviewed her record, the photos showed manifestations of severe hemorrhagic dengue.)” Erde said.

But the Department of Health (DOH) clarified that the Dengvaxia vaccine has nothing to do with the death of Christine and Anjielica.

“Based on the doctors findings, it shows that the three children, VACC was referring to, had different illness and it was not caused by the vaccine” DOH Assistant Secretary Lyndon Lee-Suy said.

It was in April 2016 when Dengvaxia was administered to over 800,000 Filipino students in a school-based government immunization program. A few months later, the vaccinice manufacturer,Sanofi Pasteur, announced the possible risk of severe dengue to those who were given the vaccine but had not contracted the disease before. But the vaccine maker said there were no reported deaths caused by Dengvaxia.

After the Sanofi Pasteur released its statement, the Department of Health suspend its program and the Senate to investigate the P3.5 billion spent on it, ensuing panic prompted.


Source:  cnnphilippines.com

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