Watch: Elderly taxi driver finally breaks silence on viral video and files complaint against female driver

A video that was recorded last Sunday at Congressional Avenue, Quezon City, went viral on social media after a woman was caught having an intense confrontation with a taxi driver and ended up assaulting and humiliating the poor taxi driver.
Though there are many netizens who are continuously bashing Interior, there are also others who urged the public not to pass judgment until the full story emerges.
The taxi driver was identified as Virgillio M. Doctor, 52-year-old, while the female driver was identified as Cherish Sharmaine Interior.

Doctor was reportedly submitted his affidavit at the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) office wherein accoding to him, the incident started when he overtook Interior’s vehicle in the road that caused her anger. However, he apologized immediately when she confronted him about it.

"Nagso-sorry na ako dahil talagang ayaw ko ng gulo. Nagpakumbaba na lang ako. (With all humility, I apologized to her because I really did not want to create trouble)” Doctor said.

“Sabi ko, 'sorry po. Di po sinasadya, 'yung pangyayari. Sorry po, (I told her, ‘I am sorry. I did not mean it to happen, I am sorry)” Doctor said.

Despite Doctor’s apology, Interior still continuously barated Doctor until he finally stepped out of his taxi because he thought he was having a heart attack.

"Kaya ako lumabas ng awto, akala ko maha-heart attack ako. Buti na lang hindi natuloy, (The reason why I stepped out from my car because I thought I would have a heart-attack. I’m thankful it did not happen)" he explained.

Luzel Pasaylo, the driver’s passenger, also narrated what happened to testify what is the truth.

"Nagulat ako, bigla, may sumuntok na sa window. Nung masuntok, sinisipa na tapos pinapalapabas yung taxi driver. (I was shocked, then someone punched the window. After puching, she kicked the taxi so that the driver would step out)” Luzel said.

“Tapos minumura na nung lalaki. Ako, that time, na-shock at natakot na rin ako. (Then the guy started cursing the driver. I was still in shock thay time and scared)”

"Lumabas naman ng kotse 'yung girl -- kasi siya yung nagda-drive. Akala ko aawatin niya 'yung husband niya. Nagulat po ako kumuha, siya sa compartment ng golf club. (The girl stepped out from her car— because she was driving the car that time. I thought she will stop her husband. Then I was surprosed because she took the golf club from their car’s compartment)”

“Hinampas niya po 'yung taxi nang dalawang beses. Ako mismo sa loob ninerbiyos. (She slammed the taxi cab twice. I was nervous inside that time)”

Luzel narrated what Interior told Doctor during that time.

“Kitang-kita kita sa dash cam kina-cut mo 'ko, kanina ka pa e. Di mo ba alam kasama ko 'yung dalawa kong anak. (It shows on the dash cam that you’ve been cutting me all the time. Don’t you know that I am with my two kids?)” interior said to Doctor according to Luzel.

"Nakiusap po ako sa husband, kunin mo na lang 'yung plate number, magpapahatid na lang po muna ako. Tapos usap na lang kayo sa tamang lugar. (I asked my husband to get your plate number instead then he can drop me off. After that he can talk to you at the right place)”
Watch the video below: 

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