Duterte: "I am for same-sex marriage. You know, kung ano yung kaligayan ng tao bakit mo pigilan?”

DAVAO CITY - President Rodrigo Duterte attended the 7th LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) year-end gathering held at Azuela Cove, Lanang in Davao City, wherein he was invited as the guest speaker on Sunday.
Duterte discussed in his speech his plan to create an LGBT community commission and asked them to nominate the brightest, honest and hardworking representative to lead the said commission.

"Now, find me the brightest dito sa Pilipinas ngayon, might be gay or lesbian. You nominate the representative from the LGBT sector (Now, find me the brightest gay or lesbian here in the Philippines that you want to nominate as the representative from the LGBT sector)" he said.

"Mag-usap kayo (You talk about it). You nominate who is honest, hardworking. I would like to show that any, mapa-bakla or tomboy can work just like an ordinary human being," he added.

Aside from his plan of putting up a commission for the LGBT community, Duterte also expressed his conformity on the controversial topic about same-sex marriage in the country.

"Ako gusto ko 'yung same-sex marriage (I agree on same-sex marriage). Ang problema, we will have to change the law. Ang batas kasi marriage is a union between a man and a woman (According to to the law, marriage is a union between a man and a woman). I don't have a problem making it... marrying a man, marrying a woman or whatever is the predilection of the human being," Duterte said.

"I am for same-sex marriage. If that is the trend of the modern times, if that will add to your happiness, who am I? You know, kung ano yung kaligayan ng tao bakit mo pigilan? (You know what makes a person happy. So why would you interfere?) Why impose a morality that is no longer working? So I am with you," Duterte added.

The changing attitudes regarding gender identity was criticized by Duterte, specially the same-sex marriage that is a controversial issue in the Philippines, which came from Western values.

Duterte vowed that in his term, "no oppression against the all sectors of society."

"I have never oppressed anybody because of race, religion. I just govern by the rule of fair play, equality. Hanggang diyan lang ako (That’s it)," Duterte said.

In a statement released by the Malacañang, Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque reiterated that, what the Duterte administration only wants is for Filipinos to enjoy their rights, freedom and equality before the law, regardless of gender.

"President Duterte is the president of all Filipinos. This administration has long espoused inclusivity and sensitivity. We make no distinction. We are all Filipinos enjoying our rights, freedom and equality before the law," Roque said.


Source:  gmanetwork.com

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